Sally and the team at Tuskany working with Terry at EOL created a character, a retro robot called Bleep, to be a part of EOL's internet package.
Terry and EOL have for several years been involved with and sponsors of a scientific group called the Earth to Sky Calculus. Based in the USA and headed by Dr Phillips they work with students to conduct experiments at 100 000+ feet, where earths atmosphere touches space, collecting the data with weather balloons.
The experiments have been conducted in many US states, Mexico, Chilli and Scandinavia, all over the world and, thanks to Terry and EOL, for the first time,  New Zealand.
Along with the science equipment and a GPS tracker the balloons can take a payload and they carry a camera which means the whole 2 to 3 hour trip to space and back is recorded.
"Why are you talking about this"? I hear you ask. Well hang on to your mince and cheese pie, this is where it gets interesting.
EOL wanted one of the payloads to be their mascot Bleep only problem, Bleep was a graphic. So the task was to use their images to bring him to life as a 3D robot, he would then be mounted on a platform, fixed to the rails of the balloon and fly to space and back.

Check out the amazing short video of Bleeps flight from the launch site in the Waikato and landing outside Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty at https://vimeo.com276598767.