One Love Logo

These huge letters were designed and constructed for Pato Entertainment the guys who started, organise and promote, among many other events, the massive ONE LOVE festival.

The concept was simple build huge 3D letters to promote the event and give festival goers the opportunity for selfies etc.

Flexible enough to be arranged in a line or configured in various ways according to requirements, finished in white as per the festival colours and  to give the option of projecting onto, solid, stable but also movable, capable of withstanding transportation and handling,  able to be repaired and repainted if needed for a long lifespan.

The complication from a manufacturing view was the font. The edges of the letters are wavy with few straight sides appearing almost hand drawn and that is how they had to be done, scaled up from an A4 print and individually built.

At 1.5m high arranged side by side the letters stretched over 12m long.